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About Scape­Lyfe

Aquas­cap­ing is hard.

It’s real­ly deceiv­ing, because at first glance it seems pret­ty straight­for­ward — you stick some plants in the water, change out some water every week, and make sure it doesn’t get too hot or cold. How hard can it be, right?

Turns out—real­ly hard.

For­tu­nate­ly, there’s tons of infor­ma­tion online about basi­cal­ly any­thing you’d ever want to know about aquas­cap­ing. Every­thing from specifics on grow­ing back­ground plants, to the pre­cise envi­ron­ment val­ues that allow your dry-start car­pet to grow out perfectly. 

The prob­lem is the qual­i­ty of infor­ma­tion — there’s lots of bad con­tent out there that caus­es dead plants — and worse—dead fish.

That’s why we start­ed this site: we got tired of con­tent that was mis­lead­ing, inac­cu­rate, or just plain wrong. We’re on a mis­sion to make aquas­cap­ing an eas­i­er hob­by for both begin­ners and vet­er­ans alike.

No mat­ter where you are in your jour­ney through aquas­cap­ing, there’s a place for you here, and we’re glad you found us!

The For­mat

Most of our writ­ten pieces are in a review for­mat. We’ll con­sid­er a top­ic — sub­strates, for exam­ple — and pur­chase just about every type of sub­strate suit­able for aquas­cap­ing. Var­i­ous brands, retail­ers, and types — we’ll get it all.

Then we vig­or­ous­ly test these prod­ucts (or tech­niques) in mul­ti­ple sit­u­a­tions. We’ll see which brands are hyped, and which prod­ucts are worth the money. 

After doing all this, we’ll write out our expe­ri­ences, with the top per­form­ers, and give our final rec­om­men­da­tion in the form of The Pick’. The Pick is our term for the best per­former in a category.

Basi­cal­ly, we spend the mon­ey so you don’t have to.

Do your com­mis­sions make you biased?

To be clear, we specif­i­cal­ly don’t recruit, request, pro­mote, or even know which prod­ucts have affil­i­ate rela­tion­ships as we’re test­ing. The peo­ple test­ing prod­ucts and writ­ing prod­ucts are com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent indi­vid­u­als in most cases.

If you choose to pur­chase a prod­uct as a result of one of our reviews, you’re help­ing to sup­port Scape­Lyfe. If any prod­uct sold through Scape­Lyfe is returned, we don’t make any­thing, so we have an incen­tive to rec­om­mend what actu­al­ly works, not just what costs the most, or what pays us the most.

This sys­tem actu­al­ly helps pro­vide a pos­i­tive incen­tive for us to cre­ate in-depth, qual­i­ty con­tent for things that you need, and allows us to pro­vide it free of charge, with­out any bias or influ­ence from manufacturers.

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